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Highly suggest boxfit for anyone that's looking for a fun, high-energy workout and is bored of your regular gyms! I've been going to boxfit for over a year now and I'm absolutely addicted.

Great vibe, fabulous trainers and an absolutely crazy workout. Don't be afraid to try it out. This place is perfect for people of beginners and experts all the same !

Boxfit is not like any other work out aiming just at weight loss, it’s an experience, an experience you never want to part ways with.

When I first joined boxfit, I wasn’t sure my relation with it would last very long just like any other gym, I have been an occasional visitor to, but now it’s been 10 months and there is no other place I can think of working out at!

The workouts are pure fun!! The boxfit crew makes the experience so positive and fun! I can proudly call this #myhappyplace

I absolutely Love the vibe, enthusiasm and training at boxfit. Power pact training with fun is just what gets you going and boxfit has it all for you. Never thought boxing could be made fun.

Anyone looking for strengthening their core and boosting stamina to perform better at your workspaces, should definitely take up boxfit sessions over other workout trainings. Amazing trainers and high energy levels gets you going. Love being a part of boxfit, you should too 😊

They definitely justify “Fitness meets Fun”.

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