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Real Results, Real Transformations

From 102 Kilos to 56: Our Nutritionist’s Inspiring Transformation

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In 2014, at 102 kilos, I decided it was time for a change. By embracing a quantified nutrition diet & a consistent workout regimen, I lost 46 kilos over 2.5 years. The journey was tough, filled with self-doubt and challenges, but my commitment to sustainable health and fitness kept me going. Today, I feel more energetic & confident and am passionate about guiding others towards their own successful transformations through personalized nutrition. While exercise and lifestyle changes are vital, nutrition is the cornerstone of a successful weight loss journey.
- Shilpa Kansal, Nutritionist

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Why Our Nutritionist Program Works?

Personalized Guidance

Tailored nutrition plans to suit your individual goals.

Fun & Sustainable

Focus on long-term, healthy eating habits instead of quick fixes.

Expert Support

Continuous support from our experienced nutritionist.

Holistic Focus

Integrating overall wellness into your fitness journey.

Proven Results

Real transformations with documented success stories.

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Ready to Transform Your Health?

Meet our certified fitness consultant and nutritionist - Shilpa Kansal, specializing in INFS (Institute of Nutrition & Fitness Science) certification and Exercise Science Specialist (ESS).

Transform Your Health in 3 Easy Steps

“Training with Shilpa has been a transformative experience. She helped me improve my relationship with food and adopt a healthy lifestyle without feeling burdened. I feel stronger, leaner, and see progress every day. Shilpa's knowledge, understanding, and experience make her an excellent guide for anyone starting their fitness journey. It was a pleasure training under her guidance, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to transform their health.”
- Nazia Sidiqqui

Alexa Young, CA

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